Enterprise: Application Software and Human Resources Essay

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Enterprise systems integrate the firm's key business processes in sales, production, finance, logistics, and human resources into a single software system so that information can flow throughout the organization, improving coordination, efficiency, and decision making. These systems help create a more uniform organization in which everyone uses similar processes and information, and measures their work in terms of organization-wide performance standards. The coordination of the firm's key business processes allows the firm to respond more rapidly to customer demands. Describe at least two benefits if using enterprise systems.

Enterprise system is an integrated enterprise-wide information system that coordinates key internal processes of the firm. Set of integrated modules for applications such as sales and distribution, financial accounting, investment management, materials management, production planning, plant maintenance, and human resources that allow data to be used by multiple functions and business processes.

Enterprise systems also commonly known as ES are comprehensive, large scale application-software packages, which support processes, reporting, data analysis and information flows. The common central database collects data from and feeds the data into numerous applications that can support nearly all of an organization’s internal business activities. When new information is entered by one process, the information is made available immediately to other business processes. Organizations implementing enterprise software would have to adopt the business processes embedded in the software and, if