Essay on Enterprise Architecture Proposal

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Bachelor in Information Technology Program

U10a2 Enterprise Architecture Proposal for Ralph’s Ribs

For IT3200, Section 05 Rolando Rueda-de-Leon Submitted 9/17/2010

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 4 Analysis of the existing foundation for execution 4 Organization Chart 5 Definition of the Operating Model for Ralph’s Ribs 5
Business Process Standardization 6
Recommended Process Standardization 6 Comparison of Operating Model 6 Core Business Applications 7 Proposal for an Enterprise Architecture 11
IT Capability 12
Business Strategic Objectives 12
Funding Priorities 13
Key Management Capability 13
Business Core Applications 13
Key IT Governance Issues 14
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| Autonomous Business Leaders with limited discretion over processes | All local franchises will have independent management that will have the ability to direct day-to-day employee and operational management but will not have the ability to change set business processes. | Centrally Mandated IT Services | Ralph will create a centralized IT Service Organization that will provide support on all the standard business applications. |

Business Process Standardization

In order to fully benefit from the new proposed business model above it is recommended that all Franchise restaurants utilize a standard set of core applications. This will allow the each individual Franchise to leverage efficiencies and maximize the customer and employee experience. The applications will cover all aspects of the business needs including; point of sale, accounting, payroll, inventory, Human Resources and Credit Card Processing. Standardizing these applications across all Franchises will ensure that no matter where you are across the country if you step into a Ralph’s Rockin’ Ribs the experience will be the same across the board from order processing, inventory management to the quality of the food.

Recommended Process Standardization

Core Applications | Purpose | APS Online | Payroll, HR, Time and Attendance, Employee Self Service and Reporting all in one web-based solution | CostGuard Software | Inventory