Entertainment During The Elizabethan Era

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The Elizabethan Era was a time of joy and celebration, where villagers could savor themselves, or enlighten others. Elizabethan Entertainment was popular whenever there was something to celebrate. The Globe Theatre was not only of the most famous playhouses to go celebrate weddings or victories, but also where Shakespeare performed many of his plays. The Elizabethan Era was a time for entertainment, perhaps taking lessons or singing and dancing, or even going to one of the most famous playhouses of that time. During the time of the Elizabethan Era, many people found ways for entertainment. Unlike our modern day phones and computers, they would take lessons, sing and dance, or attend the theatre. There were many different lessons that a …show more content…
Built from oak, a board of pine, and stolen playhouse frames, the three-story, 3,000 capacity Globe theatre, was almost as famous as Shakespeare himself. The cost of entry was one penny, and for two pennies you could sit in one of the theatre’s three galleries. Opened in 1599, Lord Chamberlain's men flew a flag of Hercules carrying a globe on his shoulders to announce the start up of the theatre. If plays were still held like they were during the Elizabethan Era, they would still be one penny. This is because the showgoers mostly had to use their imagination; there were no backdrops, nor lighting, horrible acoustics, and barely any props. The only notable exceptions were the colours of costumes, heralds, banners, cannon, and the use of the balcony. Plays were performed from two pm till four or five pm. On June 29th, 1613, a cannon fired during a play igniting the playhouse’s roof, burning it to the ground. It was rebuilt one year later, except on the opposite side of the Thames River. The famous playhouse once again opened it's doors for business. However, this time, the roof was replaced with tiles, instead of its original dangerous