Enthusiasm and Elevator Pitch Essay

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Due Dates: During your lab the week of March 4th (bring one hard copy)
Points: 15 points maximum
Objective: To develop a working elevator pitch
Format: Oral presentation
Audience: Potential employer; formal
Hard Copy: One hard copy is required on the aforementioned due date
Grading: See page 2 of this document and rubric posted to Blackboard
Formatting Note: This should be between 30 seconds - 1 minute in length Honor Code: All instances of plagiarism–intentional or unintentional–will result in a report sent to the University Honor Committee and a recommendation of a zero for the assignment, and possibly the course.

Preparing and practicing your personal elevator pitch will help you market yourself to potential employers. It is important to be able to quickly articulate what you have to offer professionally and an elevator pitch is a communication, sales, and teaching tool that will help you do just that. The goal is to provide potential employers with enough information about yourself and your accomplishments—without overwhelming them with too much information—so they will have a sense of what you are talking about and will want to know more, all while being concise and engaging.

Using the same job listing you selected for your Resume and Cover Letter assignments, create an elevator pitch for the hiring manager of your chosen company. The elevator pitch should be between 30 seconds and one minute in length, touch on what you can bring to the company, and include at least three points that highlight your career. Make sure you stay lively during your presentation; your goal is to engage your audience.

Assignment Requirements 1) Before you begin your elevator pitch, introduce yourself to the audience. 2) Your pitch should be between 30 seconds and one minute in length (between 150 - 200 words). 3) You should touch on what you can bring to the company and include at least three highlights from your career (this can be either academic or professional experience). 4) Your pitch should be concise and engaging. You should be enthusiastic when