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Type the answers to the questions below and print out.

By now you have the Open2010 chapters on enthymemes and artistic appeals. You will use this knowledge of these elements of rhetoric to guide you in further analyzing “Dehumanized,” which will, in turn, help you write a stronger Analysis Essay #1.

This assignment has been separated into two parts to assist you in managing your time and energy.

Part I

What is an enthymeme? Define it and indicate what its components are.

Enthymemes are the base of an argument. They include a claim, reason and warrant.

Now, apply what you’ve learned to “Dehumanized.”

Reread “Dehumanized” for the warrants (there will be one linking every reason you found to the claim) and the grounds and backing. Reread the section on warrants, grounds and backing in Open2010 if you are at all unclear about their meanings.

What are the warrants in Slouka’s argument?
1. We can see humanities are being under-emphasized because students aren't becoming better or more creative writers.
2. Humanities are under-emphasized because students receive a mindset from schools that programs them as workers, not citizens
3. The final warrant i found was that capitalism controls the education system with math and science and are crushing the systems that oppose it.

What grounds does he use to back up his reasons?
1. Slouka attacks the idea of creating workers instead of citizens by saying the Pyongyand also has workers, not citizens. Strong argument because it makes us question the society we live in.
2. Slouka shows the importance of humanities by comparing our education to Singapore's which focuses almost entirely on math and science. He references the book 1984 by saing that our world is more like Winston Smith's that Thomas Jefferson's.
3. Slouka makes the argument that if we don't have the proper language we wont have the proper awareness for society giving us no reason to create the citizens ncecessar for upholding a democratic society.

What backing does he use to support his warrants?
1. NY times article
2. A Time article by Thomas Friedman
3. "This is exactly what life is about. You get a paycheck every two weeks. We're preparing our children for life." - Chancellor Michelle Rhee

Part II

What is the definition of artistic appeal? How is it different from an inartistic appeal?

In an artistic appeal, a rhetor has to create the means in which he supports his or her position. An inartistic appeal is an appeal that is supported with concrete evidence.

What are the three artistic appeals Aristotle laid out? Define them and give all the strategies for each listed in Open2010.

Logos- Logical: a strategy for this appeal is to make logical comparisons and analogies. Ex. Kobe Bryant is great at basketball because he practices a lot so if I practice I can be great like Kobe Bryant.

Pathos- emotional/affective: Use vivid language and use concrete details. Storytelling is also effective if the stories are relatable to your audience. Remembering conotations/denotations is important when using pathos because depending on the audience, certain phrases can have different effects. Lastly, it's a good strategy to use images and think of the children with pathos. Both of those invoke a lot of emotion throughout the majority of audiences.

Ethos- credibility: With ethos it is vital to show that you are an expert in whatever field you are writing/speaking about. You have to do your homework, you can't be hasty to jump into an argument. You