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Keanan Blaine economics entrepreneur biography

Willie Robertson
Willie was born at Tri­Ward hospital on April 22nd 1972. His father,
Phil Robertson, is an avid hunter and outdoorsman. His mother, Marsha
Kay Robertson, is a mother of their family of 4 boys and a very good cook. As a child, Willie was always in the woods with his father or at his father's business, which at the time was just a shed in their backyard. This gave Willie his love for the outdoors, business, and especially duck hunting. His first start in the business world was selling fish as a boy with his mother at the market, that he had just caught fresh.
Willie was an athlete also, he lived a busy life as a teen between hunting, helping his dad with the business, sports, and school. Willie played football and basketball in high school. Willie wasn't the only athlete in the family though, his father was an all star quarterback for Louisiana
State University. Willie maintained good grades in high school and worked hard in everything he did. He was a star in football, basketball, hunting, and school. His hard work paid off as he attended Harding University after high school. At the age of 19 he married his wife, Korie. They had been friends for a long time and married right after high school. They both attended Harding University.
In college, Willie majored in business. He tried to continue his basketball career, but couldn't. He tried to join the team a very unconventional way, he challenged the coach to a game of badminton, and said “if I win I am on the team.” Willie won, but was still not on the team. Willie graduated with a masters in business. After graduation he decided to start his own summer christian camp. This was his first real world business.
The church camp went well and Willie enjoyed it. He was living on the camp, and have a flexible enough schedule that he could still hunt and be with his family. He had invested some money into his fathers business,

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