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Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled
1. small business
2. scalable start ups
3. large companies
4. social entrepreneurship

anyone who owns or manages own business hire local employees barely profitable fund business via family, friends, small loans

scalable startups grow big, grow fast innovative business ideas, products, and services funded by venture capitalists innovation clusters

large companies established sustainable business model grow through sustaining innovation zipcar – founded by kindergarten moms company decision making is steered by board of directors

social entrepreneurship innovative ideas to solve social problems goal to make the world a better place

what do they do see opportunity make a plan starts business and manage business receives profits

mindset organized and well prepared assertive eager to learn and willing to adapt influential and impactful passionate organized and well prepared-farsighted. What the purpose of company?
Keep a road map
What do u plan to achieve? One month six months one year
Manage your team

Take initiative
Build a strong network
Create lasting relationships

Eager to learn and willing to adapt
Be knowledgeable about your industry
Know your competition
Learn from your mistakes

Influential and impactful
Be a leader
Stay open to suggestions
Strong communication skills
Respectable figure and be a good role model

Why did u make this product
What motivates you
Passion creates drive

Product market fit
When coming up with a product service or ide that you want to make available to consumers
Major components to consider
Environment and opportunities

Variables not controlled by entrepreneur that affect a new c=ventures ability to start and grow
Whats its nature
What resources are available?

Does your idea have commercial value
Idea + market= opportunity

What is your product or service
Tell a story
Discuss your vision for your venture

Coca cola
Started out bad
Signature bottle
Various products