Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurship and New Business Venture Essay

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Torris Miller
BUS 604
Personal Assessment
Instructor: Dr. Kunsoo Choi
February 24, 2013

Becoming an entrepreneur is definitely a goal of mine. I would like to develop a business in the future that will allow me to become successful and earn a lucrative income. Entrepreneurs enjoy an increased level of flexibility and independence and can choose tasks that are both rewarding and profitable. It is critical for entrepreneurs to select a new business venture that interest them. Also, gaining an in-depth knowledge of subject matter pertaining to business is extremely critical. Entrepreneurs must do their homework before starting a new business venture. Entrepreneurs can also help others individuals become successful and achieve goals. The ability to motivate and empower others is a vital characteristic that entrepreneurs must possess. I certainly would love to become an entrepreneur, hopefully in the near future. I am not exactly sure what new business venture I would like to start, but I am certain that becoming an entrepreneur is my number one professional goal. Being an effective leader is extremely important for an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs. must have the ability to lead individuals and get the best out of them. Entrepreneurs must also be effective communicators. The must be able to individuals to work together to achieve specific tasks. Entrepreneurs must create a vision and must share that vision with the employees. Entrepreneurs must also be able to select and recruit individuals that are competent and knowledge about their tasks. Entrepreneurs must develop strategies and techniques that will help them achieve their goal. Entrepreneurs must also be able to motivate others. Leading by example and demonstrating integrity is an important leadership trait. Entrepreneurs should set the standard for others to follow. I honestly believe that I have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. I am definitely a leader and I believe that I have the ability to become a sole proprietor. I have excellent people skills and work extremely well with others. My prior sales experience provides me with the ability to persuade others and how to efficiently meet expectations. My sales experience also provides the ability to generate sales. Also, customer service is critical, customers are how businesses earn profits. It is extremely important for entrepreneurs to understand customer demands and develop a product that is in demand. Entrepreneurs must develop the right product or service and provide them to the right people. I believe that my entrepreneurial aspirations are certainly feasible. I am extremely confident and assertive. I honestly believe that I can accomplish