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Entrepreneur Project The entrepreneurs name is Donna Potter, and she started the business Valley, Cheer and Dance. At the beginning, she felt as if she were more naïve, but over time she grew more optimistic, tough, and less of a push over. She has a bachelor’s degree in political science, and minored in business administration. Some of the experiences she gained through the business is she learned how to be more organized, learned how to deal with people, dealt with people who have different personalities towards her business. The business is a sport related facility. The facility includes: tumbling, dance, and cheer. They also have competitive teams that perform and show the skills of Valley, Cheer and Dance. The business started flourishing after its third year in business. Which was when more income started coming up. Some of the challenges/problems/failures, were the teachers. They needed to be better at their job. The business did go into debt, but by the 4th year, they eventually got out of debt. The business has been running for 5 years and they are looking into running it for another 25 years or more. They do have competition. There are 5 other cheer gyms in the area, but VCD is the cheapest out of the competition.

3.) economic impact
They feel they provide a healthy activity for the consumers children.
They have 11 employees – similar to a part time career
Below the competition, out of the 4 cheer gyms in the area.
Payroll would be an issue if they lose