Essay about Entrepreneurship and Business

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Ashley Smith

What does entrepreneurship mean?

Entrepreneurship means a person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture. I see an entrepreneur as a risk taker and dreamer, it takes a lot to start your own business and even more to be successful. As an entrepreneur one is also granted freedom to make their own decisions, but are also held solely accountable for failure. There must be a desire or passion for your business and commitment to keep a business up and running. Entrepreneurs should love what they do and be willing to do whatever it takes to keep their business. A business cannot be formed without someone having a dream to start that particular business. Many people think long and had desires to start their own business before they actually take the leap and become an entrepreneur. Several entrepreneurs I know knew they wanted to start their own business’ but just waited for the right timing and funding. As an entrepreneur one should assume that you are a risk taker. Even though there are many successful start-up businesses, there are also just as many failures. An entrepreneur has to be willing to take the risks associated with having your own business because with the changing economy there is no guarantee that the business will be profitable. High levels of optimism must be kept to remain positive during rough times. As an entrepreneur you have the freedom of setting your own schedule and rules and be your