Entrepreneurship in America Essay

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Entrepreneurship in America

Michael Jordan once said, “I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” This quote truly explains the idea of entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurial spirit is the motivation inside of someone to do something great. This is the perfect term to describe American greatness because without this type of drive many of the things we have in our country today would not have been accomplished. Can you image life in the 21st century without the World Wide Web, high definition TV’s, apple technology, smart phones, etc., I know I can’t. Most people in America do not put any thought into how much time and effort has been put into planning and getting these types of advancements out to the public, or how many trial runs must have been done in order to reach a properly working finished product. Entrepreneurship is the perfect element of greatness because it coincides with the concept of the American dream. America was founded on the fact that anyone could come here and have a new beginning a chance to make anything happen, and that is essentially want the entrepreneurship is all about. The importance of entrepreneurship in the United States is that it creates self-supporting people, it brings new jobs into the economy, and it can provide a new ways to get things done.
Having self-supporting people in an economy is a benefit because these are people who are getting things done without the help of the government, people who are making their own pay checks, and people who are putting more money into the economy. When people have self-supporting jobs this usually means that they have started their own company and or created something that has made them money, this is important because it means that this person is able to give make their own paycheck, they will be able to give themselves enough money to cover whatever it is they may need to pay for. Also when people start their own companies they will have to pay taxes whether it is property tax on the space needed for the business or if it is income tax on the money they are receiving more money is still entering the economy. This is especially important during tough economic times like we are having today. We as Americans are fortunate to be able to create our own businesses and come up with our own ideas on products because in some countries with caste systems citizens are not allowed to stray away from what their government says they should do in order to make money. Also in other countries that do not have a capitalist economy they do not have the luxury of being able to create their own businesses which can stifle the creativity and the adaptability of the countries inhabitants. This can happen because the people of the country have no reason to want to adapt or try things over and over again and they have no reason to be creative to try to make thing better because in the long run their government has the ultimate control.
Another great thing about entrepreneurship is that it creates new jobs. The creation of new jobs in America is really important because it lowers the unemployment rate. Today this is extremely important because with the economy the way it is we could use a lot more jobs, and the more people that create new business then the more jobs there will be. Even something as simple as creating a new website can create jobs for people. Another great thing about entrepreneurship is that with so many different companies and products that are being developed there is a bigger span jobs being created. With a wide variety of jobs being created this can benefit skilled and unskilled workers. Both skilled and unskilled workers are benefitted because businesses will most likely be looking for skilled workers, but when products are developed they will most likely be looking for