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Goal : Develop a leadership style
Action: Each member will have the opportunity to lead a project which they would take on a collaborative role as a leader. By being the project manager .
Time Frame: Weekly

Goal: How to be a follower
Action: Each member will have the responsibility of teaching the other members what skill he/she specialize in, this will give each member an opportunity to learn things that they didn't know from a person who specializes in that area.
Time Frame: Monthly

Goal: Learn how to sale products
Action: Each member will attend a sales training seminar and have to participate in every activity. After the seminar each member will have to try to pitch a sale to the group using what they have learned Time Frame : Monthly
Goal: Learn how to market to businesses
Action: Each member will take 10 to 20 minutes out of their day and practice calling to solicit goods or services to a member, than the member will evaluate the caller
Goal: Meet me people and build a relationship
Action: Each member will introduce themselves to anyone who is standing alone looking uncomfortable and make conversation with them.
Time Frame: Daily
Goal: Build a diverse business contact
Action: Each member will collect 10 business cards of CEO’s, owners or employees in the field they are interested in.
Time Frame: Monthly

Goal: Identify our group desirable future
Action: As a group we will make a strategy map of