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“The effects of personality on the relationship are both direct and indirect, as partner personality systematically influences the behaviors displayed in a relationship and bi-ases the character inferences that are derived from the ob- servation of these behaviors over time “
Many companies are trying to get target customers’ attention by creating a distinctive brand image for their products. In the United States, promotion of General Motors’ Chevrolet truck emphasized the image of “Like a rock,” and that of Canon’s EOS Rebel X camera emphasized the image of independence, dynamism, and brilliance through the tennis player Andre Agassi. These kinds of human characteristics associated with a brand are called “brand personality.” The importance of brand personality to consumers’ brand loyalty and repurchasing behavior has not been widely acknowledged.
The greater the self-expressive value and the distinctiveness of brand personality are, the greater will be the attractiveness of the brand personality. The greater the attractiveness of the brand personality is, the more consumers will identify with that brand.
Brand differentiation is now an important tactic for the competitive struggle in today's hostile market. A good solution for making brand superiority is through brand personality. Sticking personalities to brand helps in making a different identity and then end to better desirability for consumers. All of the direct and indirect communication and contact that consumers have with a brand affect perceptions of personality traits and make them. Customers' attitudes and behaviors towards the brand will reflect in brand personality, which may affect on consumer tendency in connection with the brand and ultimately affect purchase likelihood. Mainly the products are categorized in to two sections:
1. Sincerity: that includes traits like honest, real and safe
2. Excitement: that includes traits like courageous, imaginative, exciting
Volvo, the Swedish carmaker, is a great example of a brand depicting this personality trait. Volvo is all about