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Env. Policy Essay

Non-governmental Organizations and the Development of Environmental Initiatives

Over the past two decades there has been a steady improvement in the development of environmental initiatives. The main purpose is to create and support growth in a sustainable way. While some believe that the government controls these initiatives, others suggest that they are driven by social and personal organizations. Many non-governmental organizations have been created to improve the environment according to social standards. The main goal of non-governmental organizations is to develop and maintain the well being of a community while protecting and restoring the natural environment, which people depend upon. Locally here in Minnesota, as well as other places in the world like Costa Rica and China are all similarly experiencing an increase in NGOs and the growing demand for environmental sustainability. Some NGOs take a turn down the social path and are focused on personal issues like gender or race equality and poverty awareness. Non-governmental organizations can vary greatly between goals and purposes but they also have some similar characteristics. Non-governmental organizations are created and operated independently from any form of government. These groups usually have a wider social aim with little affiliation to political parties. NGOs are mostly non-profit and charitable organizations that are ranked on the local, regional, international, and national levels. In the US alone there is estimated to be over one and a half million non-government organizations that help aide in sustainable development. One of the largest and most widely known NGOs is the United Nations. One of the largest driving factors behind NGOs is the personal relationship between people and social conflicts. With all the environmental problems we see in the news every day, its no surprise that so many people are trying to find a solution. Normal citizens who just don’t want to get sick support NGOs focused around health issues, organizations that aim to improve water quality, pollution, and disease. Other NGOs are directed towards social conflicts such as poverty, race, and gender. Many of these issues cannot be solved within a single nation so these organizations have been created to create international standards to enforce environmental initiatives. In the recent years there has been significant progress in the development of conservation efforts in Costa Rica. Local and social efforts are being made to preserve the environment of the country, especially related to tourism. Since NGOs were created in Costa Rica, awareness efforts have skyrocketed involving pollution and deforestation. Water quality projects are being conducted to reduce the amounts of pesticides and fertilizers in the