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Nicole Ruffner
Rachel Carson: The obligation to Endure We are altering the environment by the way we treat it on a day-to-day basis. We are contaminating the air we breathe and the food we eat. We must adapt to 500 new chemicals every year. Farmer’s fertilize the crops so the insects don’t ruin the crops and these pesticides contaminate the food we eat. Rachel believes the situation is to mix the crops out so if the crop gets an insect or disease they all don’t die off or get contaminated.

Nicole Ruffner
Jeffery Sachs: Mankind if Flunking Sachs believes that instead of putting money towards fossil fuels or hunting we should take our time and money to solar power or farming to help the earth. He says we are getting a failing grade when it comes to saving the earth and its natural resources. We are all unaware of what our daily tasks such as plugging in the computer is doing to our environment. Twenty years ago when this was first addressed people began to care, but now not so many people do.

Nicole Ruffner
Crazy Climate Economics by Paul Krugman
Marxism is on the rise. People are attacking the science of climate change. Many believe that climate change is a hoax and is no concern to them. The Supreme Court decided that EPA is the right decsion when it comes to the power plants. Krugman says we will see any effort to eliminate pollution denounced. He also says that well see that there is no effort made in the limit of emissions. Starting to focus on coal-fired power plants isn’t a bad first step.

Nicole Ruffner
Cohon’s Fracking Rold Raises Concern by Kevin Connor
Jared Cohon he taught people how to manipulate the public about secondhand smoke. He also reported on…