Essay on Enviromental Forces

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Competitive Forces There is a great deal of competitive forces in the food and grocery industries in the Metropolitan area. Grocery chains such as Food Lion, Publix, and Piggly Wiggly have a very strong customer fan base not just for minority consumers, but for every type of diversity in the city. They have very low prices that consumers and always rely on and have incentives for shopping in their locations such as the Food Lion and Publix discount cards in which customers can save additional money on their purchases when they use them. They also still use coupons and advertisements in the local newspapers to attract new and existing customers. The food and grocery industry is a very large market with continuous competition that is introduced on a frequent basis. With our low prices and generous customer service, we plan to curb our competition’s sales and prove to our customers that we too can also be on the level of a major grocery store chain.
Economic Forces Due to the current state of the economy, a large majority of minority consumers’ buying power and willingness to spend has diminished and is definitely not as high as they would like it to be, so they are more than likely looking for products with low prices and will still give them the greatest amount of satisfaction. Our products, which are catered towards the taste of minorities and people of all ethnic backgrounds, are priced towards these types of consumers. We will have certain days out of week in which our most popular items will be half off and buy one get one free so that customers can have a feeling that they actually saved money on their purchases. We want our customers to know that we are aware of the current economic state and that these are trying times for the minority and diverse shopper, so we are doing all that we can to help our customers as much as we can given their current financial state. Our store will also participate in all fundraising activities held in our community and any close surrounding areas. All proceeds that we develop from these charity events will of course be given back to our community to be used for their benefit.
Political Forces At this current time in our economic state, there are not any known political forces that would hinder the production and progression of our company. We plan to uphold and abide by all federal and state laws to better serve our community, our customers, and our country as a whole. If any new laws and regulations come into effect in the future, our company will uphold them as well to the best of our ability.
Legal and Regulatory We know how important it is to follow all state and federal laws and regulations to stay profitable as a company and to avoid any type of laws suits and legal actions that could damage our company’s image and name. We will make sure that all perishable food items will be stored at the appropriate temperatures and disposed of in a timely fashion if not purchased by the expiration date displayed on the product. Since we are an establishment that will be serving the public in a confined building, we will also abide by and uphold all laws of the fire marshal and will make sure there are plenty of exits that our customers and employees can get to quickly and safely in case of an emergency. Any other laws and regulations that deals with building safety will also be abided and all of the appropriate permits will be obtained as well. In the past few years, there have been a number of cases of bacteria in beef and vegetable products which caused consumers to become ill and in some cases had to receive medical attention. Here at our grocery store, we guarantee to deliver the freshest meats and vegetables that can be purchased and that has been approved by the FDA to ensure the safety and health of our customers as well as to avoid any type of legal actions that may arise.
Technological Forces When our customers come to pay for their purchases in our…