Essay about Environment and Environmental Quality Survey

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Detailed description of how the survey was carried out .
Why did you carry it out in this way?
Relevance/ Importance of method and how it links to the KEY WORDS which are TOURISTS, ENVIRONMENT, DAMAGE, MANAGE.
Footpath Survey
Firstly, we located an eroded area of vegetation where bare soil was showing. We then measured the width of the erosion from the end of vegetation to where it begins again with a tape measure. We recorded the length and then divided it into 10ths. We then measured the depth with a ruler at each 10 cm of the tape. One person announced all the readings twice and recorded the data in a chart.
To calculate the average depth of erosion on the footpath created by tourists. The presence of any space under the tape measure was evidence of people stepping on the vegetation, and creating footpaths other than the ones provided.
This survey was important in helping me answer the question as I measured the severity of damage to the vegetation caused by tourists, which would also prove the damage caused towards the environment.
Environmental Quality Survey
-Firstly, to investigate the environmental quality of Cwm Idwal we looked at the level of noise pollution. We chose 6 sites, 3 of them were quieter and 3 of them were more busy. This would allow us to carry out a fair test. When we arrived at our destination we did a 5 second warning, after we sat in silence with no talking for 30 seconds. After the 30 seconds were over, each one of us assessed the level of noise pollution and recorded it in our field work booklet.
-Then, we also looked at the amount of graffiti and vandalism at different sites. We investigated 6 sites, 3 quieter and 3 busier. We searched for any damage like graffiti and vandalism on rocks and footpaths, caused by humans. We then recorded and took photographs of any evidence. We recorded our results in our field work booklets.
-Lastly, we looked at the amount of litter on 6 different sites. To carry this out we took a square grid 1m squared and placed it in 3 random places. We then recorded the number of litter in each square grid and found the…