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Internet usage

Internet as a convenient tool becomes more and more popular in our daily life, replacing the traditional means to make friends by face to face. But there are full of deceit on the internet due to the virtual communication. As the result of the above reason, our team designed a questionnaire about the reason and lying of internet among the overseas students in Navitas English Sydney. Interestingly, the results of our research have some differences comparing with another research before.

Previous research revealed that men were substantially more likely than women to concern “relaxation and escape” as their primary reason for using the Internet. And when it comes to the research/academics reason and social interest reason, there were no significant differences between women and men, occupying 53% and 44% respectively. Another research was about deceit on the internet, it illustrated 40% of the respondents had lied on the internet with women being slightly more deceitful than men (43% to 35%). Age as the major factor was 15%, other issues were weight (8%), appearance (6%), marital status (6%), and gender (3%).

We designed four questions in our research, including gender, nationality, the primary reason for using internet, and what kind of information they would lie about. After we completed the questionnaire, we found 10 male respondents and 10 female respondents random in other classroom in Navitas English Sydney.

The results of our questionnaire were different from the previous research, over half (55%) of respondents chose “relaxation and escape” as their primary reason to use the internet, while “research/academics” reason listed on the second one (35%). Then, “social interests” and