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No interaction objects
No interaction objects does not support network capability to interact with human or other objects around them but can themselves act intelligently. For e.g. A object which measures water level of your tank and switch on/off the pump when the level exceeds the limit.

Touch interaction objects
An example of touch interaction object is smart lock which has already hit market with a name “Ola smart Lock”. It’s the very first Bluetooth-enabled door lock that offers a keyless and a phoneless way to enter your home. It works through a CMOS fingerprint sensor which can scan your fingerprint in less than a second. The scanner is placed on the part of the door handle where you naturally place your thumb to hold the lock. Aside
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Sensor-enabled medical instruments allow sensors to monitor the health state of a person from body weight and mass, sleep conditions and daily activities. Watches, wristbands and many wearable devices can track sleeping patterns, heart rates of elderly people and transfer data to base station (Medical centre) via internet and doctor can take any emergency action/support if needed.

Impact on Environment
Sensor enabled IoT devices can prove to be a boon for clean and pollution free environment. Be it taking care of your personal garden to city garbage collection, deforestation, water and air pollution, Internet of things can address all of these issues.

Impact on Traffic management and control
The idea of connecting vehicles to the internet gives rise to new dimensions and plethora of applications in making Transport easier and safer. In coordination with Smart City Association, Smart traffic management system, cars can avoid traffic jams by communicating with others cars indicating traffic conditions and hence optimizing energy usage. The idea of self - driving vehicles today are in prototype phase and there is a gradual shift towards the computer controlled vehicles that Google, Volvo and other companies are working on
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Any failure in the software or hardware or lost in network connectivity can cause your operations stand still. Even power failure can cause serious consequences.E.g. After every power cut, a bug in the printer software restores all the data and automatically orders a new ink cartridge for your printer whereas you have already ordered one. Also Privacy and security will be a major concern for companies implementing IoT applications as most of the applications would be consumer