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Smog in London 1952
In the month of December of the year 1952 London had a terrible disaster; smog everywhere! How though? That year London had an unusual cold winter which caused more coal combustion than London was used to having. In this time period people were becoming to travelling mostly by car which London was not used to yet; all the cars caused a combination of black soot. Light winds and high moisture in the city created the perfect conditions for smog to form. The environment was hit hard from all the sudden chargers occurring around it. The levels of concentration of particulate matter in the air were 56 times the normal level. There were high levels of sulphur dioxide concentration around the city. This was not just an easy problem to try to fix either. The smoke had begun to trap in the fog which caused the fog to transform into a yellow and black color. Sulphuric acid formed which then caused acid rain. It is stated that the people in the community could only see a few meters in front of them. Of course that was not good news at all. Businesses all around had to then begin to close because the smog had entered the business places. This problem was not fully taken care of until March of 1953. Four moths this problem went on in the streets of London.
Life in London for the most part shut down, no one could see and therefore nothing could operate like the norm. Many children and the elderly died by reasons referring to the smog, 12.000 people to be exact died…