Environmental Effects Of Soil Pollution

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Soil pollution is not a trend subject, not even a fashionable subject such as climate change, for example, and yet this type of pollution can have significant effects on the environment and human health (Science Communication Unit, 2013). .

This lack of interest could be explained in part by the fact that this is a relatively recent concern as this problem was taken seriously only after the Second World War (Ehrlich, 2008). Adding to that, this concern came late because the soil has been for too long regarded as a kind of an unconditional and unlimited receptacle intended to receive our waste and the pollutants (UNEP, 2013) generated by our industrial activities or urban areas such as deficient management of solid waste, waste water discharge, irrigation with contaminated water, and use of fertilizers and pesticides as well as industrial activities such as wood impregnation (Snyder, 2013). .
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These toxic pollutants are causing plants intoxication due to plants uptake of nutrients and toxic pollutants, which can lead to harmful diseases for all the living organisms. Over-exploitation will degrade the soil and its function. For this purpose, soil should be protected to maintain its important functions (Bolan et al,