Environmental Ethics Essay

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Victor Cosby
Environmental Ethics

Global climate change, or global warming as some may know, is becoming an even more important issue in our lives. Global climate change is actually determined by global warming, which is the gradual increase in the temperature of the earth’s lower atmosphere. The modern ways of today’s society is said to be creating scientific problems on earth. The use of greenhouse gases such as the burning of fossil fuels and many other uses of pesticides; one being DDT is harmfully aiding in polluting the air, and is said to be what is trapping the suns warmth, thus causing the greenhouse effect. Many questions have been raised in regards to these circumstances like, how accurate is the information in which scientists are basing their information off of?
The records show that the average global temperature is gradually increasing; however the only problem with our records is that they date back to 100 years ago today. Comparing changes from then to now would make one question whether or not this is true. The reason behind someone challenging this statement is mainly because in that day in age the technology was not nearly as advanced then as it is today; not only that, there wasn’t really any scientist that saw this issue as a concern, so chances are they did not keep track of the changes. Another reason these changes could be challenged is because the earth has been around for millions of years and yet we are only comparing the changes from 100 years ago to now. If you were to lengthen the time frame of the past you would see that earth has had ice ages, and many other different warm and cold climate changes. We are projecting from a very narrow set of data of just 100 years ago, which does