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Environmental Factors Shakiya Morales PSY/460 February 23, 2015 Leah Reagan

For class we have to discuss an environmental risk that has two sides of opinions such as climate change and describe what the two different perceptions of the environmental risk are.
I have chosen to discuss the environmental risk factors that can cause someone to use drugs however I have been unable to find two different perceptions of the argument. I could of opted out of choosing this particular risk but I feel this needs to be discussed because many people do not see how your environment can cause someone to want to experiment with drugs and the use of it.
Just about 10% of those who try drugs become addicted to drugs the combination of environmental and genetic factors can influence the possibility of addiction.
What are environmental risk factors of possible drug addiction and its characteristics for a person? A person can be in certain environments of influence like their community, certain family members, and school/ work friends, the risk of addiction can increase because of these factors. A person’s affiliation within their community can be a contribution of the likelihood of them using drugs. For instance if where a person lives has many attributes of drugs within its community such as drug use, the selling of drugs, firearms and crime, the risk of experimenting with drugs is increased. Another contributing factor of drug use is someone who has friends who use drugs this type of behavior can influence someone to also use drugs. Family and school issues are also contributing factors to the use of drug use, if other family members use drugs it can influence new participants, if there are issues which can become hard for some they may turn to the use of drugs to try and cope with the