Environmental Final paper Chinease air pollution

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Anna Blackwell
Environmental Science
Mr. Malloy

China’s air pollution has gotten so severe it is killing China’s citizens and China is failing to do anything about it. The pollution has gotten so severe that parents are afraid to send their kids out in the smog even to school. It is critical to people’s health that China cleans up their pollution problem. It has gotten to the point that flights have to ground because they cannot navigate in the thick smog. Essentially, China’s overwhelming air pollution is critical to health inconvenient to travel and has caused China to create a special alert system for its citizens. Air pollution in Beijing has reached a critical level. It has gotten up to 500 micrograms per cubic mark. That is twenty times higher than recommended by the World Health Organization. That itself should raise some eyebrows but it does not, because the people of China treat it like it’s a natural thing that happens to every country. On top of that the life expectancy in Northern China has lowered by 5.5 years. That should put people all over the world on the edges of their seats. But the truth of the matter is that if you do not specifically look it up on the internet you will not hear about it. The smog has been known to cause lung cancer, asthma, and heart disease. Once it is inhaled it enters the blood stream and from there its history. Lung cancer has doubled over the past decade in Beijing. This Nuclear Winter has proven deadly. Life in Northern China has become dangerous to peoples wellbeing. Air pollution in China has gotten to the point that it is barely suitable for life. People can’t breathe safely. There is not even air left to breathe due to all the smog. The smog has made travel almost impossible. Pollution is a rising concern for China. They cannot move forward till they clean up this mess. It is even beginning to upset the lives of the rural China. The smog has brought some brought some cities to a standstill grounding flights and shutting down schools. It is scary enough that parents are scared to send their children out in the smog even to school. Nevertheless what really gets me is that planes cannot even navigate on some days because of the thick smog. Those are just a few reasons that I say life in Northern China is becoming dangerous to peoples wellbeing. Due to the Air pollution China had to create an alert system for its citizens. News Channels are a big part of what keeps the people posted. They not only show alerts to inform the people the level of severity of the smog but they show sunrises throughout the day. They show them because the people of Northern China cannot see the sun anymore due to all the smog. They show them on big…