Essay on Environmental Impact of Pharmaceutical Legislation

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Assessment Brief

The case study for this assessment will provide a detailed account of a company, aims/objectives of the case study, theoretical concepts to be used to analyse the case organisation, evaluation of the organisation using the concepts identified, lessons learnt and recommendations. This case study is an analytical piece that requires research and application of operations management theories and concepts. You are advised to use the following template to complete this assessment. A guide to the % of the total word count for each section is given in the brackets.


Provide a brief introduction to the company. Do not simply ‘cut and paste’ information from the company’s web pages or other corporate documents. There is no need to chart the historical account of the company. Provide an overview of the critical incidents, structure, and growth that are relevant to the areas of operations management you will be investigating. Use variety of course material to demonstrate an unbiased perspective.


In this section provide a clear idea of why this case study is being written, e.g. what is the focus and what will it be used for? The case study needs to address a problem, area of concern, help improve understanding of a concept etc. You may use current literature on operations management to support your rationale for the case study.


In this section outline the operations management concepts you will use to analyse your case organisation. You may include: • Techniques for designing and improving operations, including demand forecasting, queuing calculations, • Inventory management and capacity management. • Principles of supply chain management. • Different models of quality • Risk Management • Waste and Lean management • Global and International issues.
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