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1. Introduction
The business of fast food companies began to be a significant factor affecting the global environment in recent years. Even though the profit is very important of companies, they have to consider the environment. Because the packaging pollution of environment is devastate the natural environment.

1.1. Background
With the increasingly rapid pace of life, more and more people like to eat fast food to save time. Therefore, more people should pay attention to the environmental issues caused by the production of fast food.

1.2. Purpose
This report will investigate three different fast food companies' websites to evaluate their environmental profiles.

1.3. Criteria
It is easy to find environment information?
Does the company have a packaging-recycling strategy for its products?
How much information do they have?
Does the company talk about future plans for the environment?

2. Description
2.1. Subway
The first website is from Subway. On this website, the information about sustainable development and packaging is under the link 'About Us'. For example, information about materials of packaging, recycling of packaging and efficient collection can be found here. Moreover, we can see the environmental action plan from 2012 to 2015. The website is dated 2012.

2.2. KFC
The second website is from KFC. On this website, to take into environmental issues are divided into three main points: recycling, packaging and energy saving. After that they show people how they do it and use pictures and numbers to show people the details about environmental issues.

2.3. Oporto
The third website is Oporto. This website only has information about history, products and marketing to children, other than that, we cannot find anything about environmental issues.

3. Evaluation
3.1. Ease of navigation
Both Subway and KFC make it easy to find environmental issues but Oporto doesn't. On Subway website, click of the 'ABOUT US' on the right-top can find environmental issues link and KFC website is click 'KFC Australia' to find that. However, environmental information of Subway is difficult to read and last three pages are terrible because they put information on wrong orientation.

3.2. Packaging-recycling strategy
Subway used the form about materials of product to show people packaging recycling strategy on the website. For example, they are using 50% recycled content paper and high impact polystyrene blend