Environmental Policy and National Security Essay

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Environmental Policy and National Security
Conversations with History—R. James Woolsey
In this interview, the host Harry Kreisler and the former Director of Central Intelligence R. James Woolsey had a conversation about the environmental policy and national Security.
This interview began with the introduction of Woolsey’s experiences. Woolsey traced his experience in the anti war and civil rights movements of 1960’s. They discussed how to make the policy by link the past experiences and the future issues. He mainly analyzed the big change of world pattern caused by the end of the Cold War and its relationship in national security. Woolsey talked his original focus on environmental issues: energy and climate change. He also point out that the chances and restrictions that we faced, which contained not only the transformation of energy dependency into independence, but also address the problem of climate change. At the end, Woolsey indicated the challenges of such environmental issues and its impact of America’s national interest.
Both Woolsey and the information from book tell us that climate change is especially important in any discussion of global politics and it’s now partly driven by human actions. In this interview, Woolsey discussed some environmental issues and the renewable energy and energy use efficiency to against climate change. He also addressed the issue of climate change in term of global politics and the challenges that threaten American’s national…