Environmental Pollution Simulation Review and Summary Essay

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Environmental Pollution Simulation Review and Summary

Environmental Pollution Simulation Review and Summary
In the simulation “Managing Environmental Concerns and Resources,” the scenario took place in Eastern Europe, in a Casadonia city named Keywich. The main concern of Keywich’s City Council is the increasing population of the town and the negative effects it can have on the economy, environment, culture and society. In the past Keywich was a regular recipient of the Casadonia Greenbough Award for being one of most environmentally-friendly cities in the country. City council is concerned that due to the increase of pollution the city will lose the title as well as hamper the development of the city in the long run.
Steps to
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Having fewer vehicles on the road will lessen the amount of toxic emissions and also reduce fuel consumption. The City Council moved to offer tax incentives to companies who encourage carpooling to its employees.
“Heap of Trash” Simulation
In this simulation Keywich City Council has determined that overall waste has increased at a rate of 8 percent and is under pressure to implement immediate measures to tackle the situation. I have an allocated budget of 20 million euros to spend on effective methods of waste management and disposal to reduce waste in the city. The methods I chose are Compost Organic Solid Waste, Purchase Additional Incinerators, Employ Bioremediation Methods at Landfills, Use of Phytoremediation Methods and to Launch Campaign to Create Environmental Awareness. In the scenario I did not chose the ideal measures for waste disposal and cutback in waste at source, only four out of the five measures I chose are considered effective.
The use of phytoremediation methods might not be the most effective measure for waste disposal because the roots of the plants cannot reach very deep into the soil. There is also a concern that insects and other animals might eat the plants and could risk the possibility of introducing the toxins into the food web.
The method I should have considered is to promote recycling of materials, this is a good measure for reduction in waste generation. Although it can be expensive, recycling also generates revenue