Environmental Purpose Statement

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My first actual exposure to the environmental problems happened when I undertook a research project in 11th Class for the 18th National Science Congress as a Junior Scientist. I calculated the amount of water wasted to wash the automobiles and how inefficient discharge of contaminated water contributes to the environmental degradation. I performed a case study on four localities of my city and realized that thousand liters of water is used per day just to wash the automobiles. I also studied the extent of heavy metal contamination in the reported area. This was an eye-opener and it made me realize the threat to environment due to anthropogenic activities.
After finishing my school, I joined the prestigious University of Delhi for an Honors course in Geography, which offered a perfect blend of Social science and Natural Science. It fascinated me to explore the actuality and elements
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I came in touch with Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group and kick-started my work as intern. I assisted the organization with their research in Solid Waste Management. I used to compile all the news related to environment and solid waste which were very helpful in keeping me updated about the Environmental Issues in my country. I was terrified to notice how the corruption has affected the environmental problems in Indian States. Furthermore, I went for e-waste drives to collect e-waste from people, and gave it to licensed organizations to dispose it properly. This experience taught me how to work in a team and it also motivated me to apply my theoretical knowledge to practically understand the complexities of the society and its impact on the environment and biodiversity. Working part-time along with my studies taught me how to manage hectic study schedule and work,