Environmental Racism In America

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Environmental Racism
Environmental racism is when a family or race is discriminated against and are put into bad living conditions. For example, a white family and a black family can be working for the same company and the black family will more likely be put into the bad conditions. Environmental racism has always been a problem. Schools don't take it as serious as they should now. The race to most likely be discriminated are Blacks and Hispanics. Environmental racism must be stopped because of the effects it could have on a person's life and future.
Problems of environmental racism in America is becoming a big problem because of all the discrimination happening everywhere towards the Hispanics and Black community. Hispanics are more likely to be discriminated because of their skin color and the way they talk broken English. Many people don't see this as a problem because they think they have the right to. The reason for this is
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This problem has always been around for centuries (“Environmental Racism in American”). Hispanics and Blacks are less likely to be treated for medical attention than a white person and are more likely to get sicker. As result, African American, Latino,