Essay Environmental Regulations in Thai and Singapore

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Kelly Camara
Unit 5 Individual Project
International Business Law & Ethics
AIU Online
January 4, 2011

In this paper I will be describing the levels of environmental regulations in Thailand and Singapore. The legislation regarding Thailand and Singapore’s working hours and wages will also be described and discussed. I will then be explaining if I believe these regulations regarding environmental and labor laws are sufficient enough.

Describe the two countries environmental regulation levels.
The neighboring Southeast Asian countries of Singapore and Malaysia have very different environmental regulations. Singapore is a small city-state with
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Their health insurance is paid into the government health plan through employers therefore the company doesn’t have to offer insurance. It is relatively easy for foreigners to obtain work permits to work in Singapore. In Malaysia any citizen can be hired. Anyone employed under a contract of service is considered an employee under the Employment Act. In 1998 an amendment was made to the 1955 Employment Act, that an employee earning were to meet between RM $1500 – RM $5000 per month. Women can’t be employed to carry out underground, industrial and agricultural work between 10pm – 5am without exemption from the Directing General of the Department of Labor. Only full time employees of public service in Malaysia are entitled to pension benefits. This includes Judicial, Legal, General Public Service of Federal Government, Police, Railway, Education, Parliament and any other public service as the Yang di- Pertuan Agong may deem as a public service.

Do you think the country’s environmental regulation is sufficient? Explain. In Singapore the country’s environmental regulation is sufficient. They are very cautious of their environment. It is also said that they have severe penalties for littering and obstructing any environmental structures. In Malaysia they could be more sufficient with their environmental policies. They could set up policies that can make the people of the country take more pride in their communities. Such as impose