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Exercise Science
Chapter Summary
This is a summary of the benefits and precautions to take and use for one’s health all found in chapter 8. The body needs a lot of components to keep it moving and functioning properly. Some main structures for the human body include nutrients, proteins, and fats which give the body its supplements for daily regular tasks. After breaking down these three main structures maybe one can better understand how to enhance one’s health and diet.
Nutrition is one most important factors on a healthy diet, without nutrition I guess you could say the human body would wither out. Nutrition has over 45 different parts however is comprised into just six different categories. Out of the six categories of nutrition, three of them supply energy to the body. Without nutrition the body wouldn’t be able to function leading to decay of important systems leaving the body drained of energy, eventually it would turn life threatening.
Proteins are a very important part of the human body acting more as a main structure for it. Structural components such as muscles, bones, blood, etc. are what proteins are needed for. There are only two different types of proteins that keep the body supplied, meat sources called completes and plant sources called incompletes. Foods with proteins should make up an adults 10-35% of daily calorie intake.
A lot people would say fat is a bad thing and try to get rid as much as possible, however fat isn’t as big as a