Environmental Science Division Of Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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John L. Doe
Environmental Science Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6056
(xxx) xxx-xxxx
207 Dispar Road
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
(xxx) xxx-xxxx

Stanford University, Stanford, California, 19XX-19XX
Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, 19XX, Area of Specialization: Population Biology
M.S. in Biological Sciences, 19XX
Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, 19XX-19XX
B.A. in Biological Sciences, concentration in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
B.A. in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Cell Biology with honors
B.A. in Integrated Science Program, with honors
Hollaender Postdoctoral Fellowship (US D.O.E.), 19XX-present.
ARCS Foundation Fellowship, 19XX-19XX
National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, 19XX-19XX
Andrew Mellon Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship,19XX Phi Beta Kappa, 19XX
Postdoctoral Research: Environmental Science Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 19XX-present (research adviser: Dr. Stephen H. Smith).
Development of quantitative theory of hierarchical structure in ecological systems.
Analysis of how ecological communities reflect environmental heterogeneity at different scales.
Numerical study of foraging behavior with short and long range movement in heterogeneous environments.
Doctoral Research: Department of Biological Sciences, Stanford University, 19XX-19XX, (research adviser: Dr. James Advisername).
Field study of the impact of avian predation on Anolie lizards in the eastern Caribbean documents the importance of differences in spatial scale between prey and predators.
Theoretical analysis of spatial scale and environmental heterogeneity in models of predator-prey communities.
Analytical and numerical works show how species interactions can sharpen underlying environmental patterns and how heterogeneous environments can stabilize predator and prey populations.
Undergraduate Honors Research: Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Cell Biology, Northwestern University, 19XX-19XX (research adviser: Dr. Peter T. Williams)
Investigation of primary events of bacterial photosynthesis.
Isolation and spectral analysis of photosynthetic reaction centers.

Theoretical and field study of ecological communities.
The roles that spatial patterns and processes play in shaping communities.
How populations and processes that act on different spatiotemporal scales affect the behavior of ecological systems.
Influences of disturbance size and frequency on landscape structure.

Instructor: Outdoor Education Program, Stanford University, 19XX-19XX.
Lectures and weekend outings, emphasis on alpine ecology, animal tracking, and wilderness skills.
Co-Instructor: Biology of Birds, Stanford University, 19XX.
Lectures and field trips; with Dr. S.T. Phillips.
Teaching Assistant: Systematics and Ecology of Vascular Plants, Stanford University, 19XX.
Laboratory and field trips.
Teaching Assistant: Core Biology Laboratory, Stanford University, 19XX.
Ecology laboratory and discussion sections.
Instructor: Chemistry Laboratory, Kendall College, Evanston, IL, 19XX-19XX.
Sole responsibility for laboratory in biochemistry, general and organic chemistry.