Essay on Environmentalism and Action Platform

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a. If you ran the world what would you do and what would be your action platform? What advice can you give to Cindy to improve the business model? If I ran the world, I would do “Let’s go green.” Many people consider our environment very important in our lives and are making contributions to protect our environment. We also have already been doing something to go green in our daily lives, such as recycling used bottles, using water free toilet system, commuting by bicycle instead of driving a car, and so on. That kind of things is very easy for us to do and we can keep doing in our everyday life. So, I would make my action platform about going green and add microactions. Firstly, I would start the easiest one. First microaction would be redeem the used bottles at Target. We can redeem so many bottles from our everyday drinking at Target customer centers. Also, many people frequently go there for their livings. Therefore, many people will find it easy to turn their intention – go green – into real life action. Also, some companies who produce beverages can participate in my action or they make their own action platform to make their brand image popular and green, because many people would agree with their intention and do it for themselves under their action platform. This will make the brand image greener and make people get to know the brand positively and easily. That’s the way IWRTW make revenue. I think that IWRTW exists for people who have a distinct intention