Environmental Landscape Of Atco

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Environmental landscape of ATCO Environmental landscape: General Overview 1 Environmental 2 Technological environment 3 Social-culture environment

Generally speaking, the overall of environmental landscape of ATCO, which is an energy corporation, is good. In this part, it will specify 3 parts: environmental impact, technological environment, social-culture environment.

Firstly, with increasingly environmental problems like greenhouse effect, water pollution, air pollution etc, the impact on the environment of activities conducted by the company should be reduced as possible, especially for the energy company. In order to achieve this goal, ATCO uses many novel ways. To begin with, ATCO electric uses compound maintenance truck running with diesel and electricity to cut down the power work on the environment. Furthermore, ATCO gas builds three eco-friendly manipulation centers and utilizes geothermal energy. The criteria of sustainable building in ATCO are enhanced. Additionally, ATCO set up new facilities in some area like Western Australia, Chile, Alberta. They mainly use solar energy, such as a solar panel. It is energy-saving. These measurements are not only reduce the impact on the environment, but also boost the efficiency.

In terms of technology, ATCO utilize some advanced technology and material, such as superior pre-fabricated, in order to provide distant area with equipment that they can undertake and easily maintain, as well as use energy efficiently. For example, ASHCOR technologies, using coal burning, provided by ATCO Power. Fly Ash, which materials that are not easy to combust in the furnace after burning coal, is mainly product selling on the market by ASHCOR technologies. Fly ash is a complementary ingredient that mainly instead of concrete manufacture in Portland cement. Using ASHCOR technologies reduced the emissions of greenhouse gas. Specifically, it can hinder roughly 1000 tonne CO2 emissions from entering the air, if per tonne Portland