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Environmentalism In the article “Is Humanity Suicidal?” E.O. Wilson talks about the dangers in the environment that are posing a threat in the next 60 years. Wilson tries to bring attention to the fact that the ecosystem of the earth is diminishing and human kind plays a large role in the destruction. He explains there are “two types of viewpoints in the world, exemptionalism and environmentalism” (118). “An exemptionalist believes that in time the world will save itself and that we are off to a good future” (118). However, an environmentalist believes we are furthering the destruction of our earth and that we need to start saving the world today. Environmentalism has more validity than exemptionalism because we need to preserve the earth for future generations, saving the earth in small amounts can be beneficial to our environment, and the relief felt when knowing that the world is a safer place. To begin, an environmentalist’s main cause is saving the earth in order for our future generations to live. It is our duty to help this earth since we were born. We have to think about our future children and what they could possibly go through if we do not make change. Our environment is a precious and delicate thing that we must protect and do our best to keep clean and healthy. “ The environment , after all, is where we all meet, where we all have mutual interest.It is one thing that all of us share. It is not only a mirror of ourselves but a focusing lens on what we can become” (Johnson). It is true that we all have one thing in common, the environment, and it should be our responsibility to protect the future human lives and animal Becerra 2 species on this earth. As well as it is in our own best interests to make that the air is clean, the land and water is free of contaminates and toxins and that we strive to maintain environmental conditions that are as close to natural as possible. Often environmentalists are embarrassed and ashamed that there is such a huge mess going on in the ecosystem that humankind has created and that environmentalists feel the need to take initiative and do their part to save the earth. The main concern is to protect the earth and help human beings live in suitable and safe surroundings. Secondly, doing something to help the environment, even if it is small, is better than not doing anything at all. Environmentalists are constantly trying to better the environment and no matter what time of the day they are trying to help. It only makes sense to adopt an attitude such as this one because a polluted and dirty environment can be deadly to humans and present dangers to our human race. For these two reasons alone, the people of the world should work together for a cleaner and healthier planet Earth. After all, by destroying the environment, we destroy ourselves.We can all help with the cause, whether we spend our entire time helping, or start making small changes in our lives to help our earth can make a big difference. “One individual cannot possibly make a difference it is individual efforts collectively, that makes a noticeable difference- all the difference in the world” (Goodall). Small changes can go a long way if everyone joins in the cause. Also, one thing is certain is that humankind can be selfish at times and believe that in time it will all be fixed. People should discard the attitude that someone else will solve the problem of pollution or leave the problem for the next generation to solve. That way of thinking does more harm