Essay on Environmentally friendly Measures

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Summary: The video shows one individual who acts as though he is going green and trying to benefit society. However, this individual’s actions do not represent what it means to use more environmentally friendly measures and methods. The person only paints himself green and considers himself eco-friendly while still littering and driving a hummer which is known not to be fuel efficient. He is so proud of what he is doing, but when a friend points out the flaws of his actions, the green man just says his friend is “racist.” He fails to be eco-friendly, but he believes that he is just because he painted himself green.
Quote: “Terry, being green isn’t just some empty words and it’s not something you wear on your sleeves to rub in other people’s faces. It’s about making real changes in how you live your life because you genuinely care about the future of the earth.”
Hurts/Helps: The video was helpful because it showed how people can say anything they want, but unless they take action and try to make a change, they will not be benefiting the environment at all. Unless, they change their ways in small changes, they can call themselves green, but their actions will tell otherwise.
Summary: The site organizes the information necessary to gain an understanding of why one should be converting to cleaner methods of production and economic growth for the environment. The site also explains the amount of construction waste that is produced during each year to be 136 million tons. The American Institute of Architects also mention how going green can