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Splendour in the Grass 2014
Environmental Policy
Splendour In the Grass is an annual music, arts and youth culture event, which has taken place each July/August since 2001. As well as the latest and best in music from
Australia and overseas, the festival also features local arts and crafts, creative performance and cuisine.
Our Commitment
The Splendour team has a reputation for putting on an awesome outdoor event, year in and year out. Splendour also has a commendable environmental track record and has been responsible for pioneering innovative environmental solutions covering greenhouse gas emissions, waste management and minimisation programmes and recycling systems.
We believe that hosting a music event doesn’t mean neglecting the environment in which it operates. Further, we recognise, that festivals can in fact play a positive role in conserving and in many cases improving environmental values through positive influence and by setting an example for best practice environmental management. Our Environment Policy documents show how Splendour and its audience members can protect, conserve and improve the beautiful environment in which Splendour operates. Our Environmental Goals
Splendour in the Grass through its environmental programs aims to:
• Avoid and reduce the amount of energy required to produce the festival.
• Assist our audience to offset part or all of their travel emissions to and from the festival by encouraging all punters to take up the Carbon Offset Ticket option;
• Provide incentives to those punters travelling by private vehicle to carry 3 or more persons lawfully in their vehicle;
• Promote the use of public transport to and from the event;
• Promote carpooling to punters who cannot use public transport;

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