Envy Is Ignorance Essay

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Envy is Ignorance
By: Jarred Godinez

When people envy others it’s usually because those people can’t have or get what another person has. If you don’t know what the word envy is like an extreme form of jealousy. You can also get some ignorance from being envious, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Because when you’re ignorant you’re stuck on that one thing, and nothing will change how you feel about that object or person. Nothing will change the fact that you will always want that thing for yourself, and the ignorance you have might get you what you want but it might not it just depends on how you attempt to reach that object. Then again when you’re ignorant you can be blind from what is blatantly obvious that whatever you want might never come your way. Ignorance is blinding so try to see past the fogy sky. Now you might need an example if you don’t quite understand and here is one from my life, and it’s been happening for the past month now. My ex-girlfriend and we still love each other like crazy but we can’t be together because of her parents they hate me and she doesn’t want to date in secret. Now because her parents hate me I broke up with her 3 months ago, and that’s because they told me lies like she just used me and I believed them. I regret my decision and want her back but like I said before her parents, and as a result of me and her braking up she started to tell her feeling about this to my “friend” James and within those 3 months James started to like Mia and fell in love with her just by talking and never meeting her before. She gradually started to like James a lot, and I became envious because he could talk to her and I couldn’t not without her parents knowing anyways. I also started to become envious because she liked him a lot and couldn’t pick the one she loves over someone she likes a lot. I envy James because he didn’t have to try to get her to like him she just started to like him she even told me she’s starting to love him, and I brought up the fact that you can’t love 2 people at the same time its physically impossible. I envy how he doesn’t try and already has her heart, and I’m trying my hardest and can’t even get a second chance. She told me 3 days ago that her love for me hasn’t faded at all, and I cried “then why are you doing this to me” her reply was simply “I’m sorry”. I envy the fact that he with be with her and I won’t. I envy the fact that she will love him to death in the near future if not already, and that I will just be a memory lost in time. The few people that know of my problem have all told me to give up but they don’t understand how much I love her. But they don’t know how much I love her, and I’m to ignorant am blinded by