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Enzo Anselmo Ferrari’s Road of Success
Caleb Shu

Enzo Anselmo Ferrari’s Road of Success
Do you want to get a Ferrari? I believe that most people want to have a super sports car, and Ferrari is one of the most famous super sports car in the world. Ferrari is a milestone in the history of the car manufacturing, also Ferrari is a dream car of the fans all over the world. Enzo Anselmo Ferrari uses his all life to create and innovate this brand. Enzo Anselmo Ferrari became a successful business magnate by his father’s influence and support, his enthusiasm for racing cars, and his leadership ability.
Enzo Anselmo Ferrari became a successful business magnate by his father’s influence and support. There are two key points to show his father’s influence for him. First, his father Alfredo Ferrari was a big fans of racing cars, and he liked to take his son Enzo Ferrari to go to watch the racing game when Enzo Ferrari was a child. According to “Enzo Ferrari Biography” (Brindzak. V. 2006), “There was an automobile race in Bologna, which Alfredo Ferrari decided to attend with his sons. Enzo was 10 at this time. A famous battle between Vincenzo Lancia and Felice Nazarro took place in 1908 at Circuit di Bologna. After attending a few other races he wanted to become a racing driver.” (PAPA. 1) His father gave him a good environment to cultivate an interest. At that time, Enzo concentrate on racing cars and use a lot of time to discuss with his father Alfredo. That meaning Enzo begin like this sport and he got a first dream of his life. The second influence was Enzo’s father gave to him enough support and opportunity to chase his dream. On the basis of “Enzo Ferrari Biography” (n.d.), “Alfredo Ferrari worked beside agriculture in his blacksmith. He developed a close contact to the national railway company so he could expand his workshop and became self-employed. Due to his success Enzo’s Father became the first inhabitant of Modena who could afford a car. He integrated a car workshop into his business which became a good place for Enzo to learn all about cars.” (PAPA. 2) Enzo had contact with the real cars at his early age because his father was rich businessperson who had a car. This was very important for Enzo because he got a chance to learn how to drive. That also means that Enzo took the first step of his road of success. In conclusion, Enzo Anselmo Ferrari became a successful business magnate by his father’s influence and support.
Enzo Anselmo Ferrari became a successful business magnate by his enthusiasm for racing cars. He officially started his racing career in 1919, and this job let him closer to success. According to “Wikipedia” (2014), “He left CMN in 1920 to work at Alfa Romeo and racing their cars in local races…Ferrari managed the development of the factory Alfa cars, and built up a team of over forty drivers, including Giuseppe Campari and Tazio Nuvolari. Ferrari himself continued racing until 1932.” (PAPA. 3-5) Although Enzo acquired great glory of racing game, he did not stop his racing career. And best of all, he participated in development and design of racing cars with his enthusiasm during this time. According to “Enzo Ferrari Biography” (n.d.), “Enzo more and more participates in the race car construction. In time he developed into a kind of team manager and engaged several highly qualified employees and constructing engineers, like Luigi Bazzi and Vittorio Jano.” (PAPA. 7) Enzo always worked hard and persisted in researching the new technology of racing cars because his enthusiasm. That was another secret of his success. Someone once described Enzo “Race cars have been his life, but he gave us the fantastic road cars as well, in which the fascination Ferrari will life forever.” (Enzo Ferrari Biography, n.d.). Because of that, he can get a wonderful achievement in the history of the automobile manufacture industry. In general, Enzo Anselmo Ferrari became a successful businessperson because his enthusiasm