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Enzyme Activity Pam Campbell Id 0002337 Dr. Murphy Nmezi August 9, 2011

1. Sucrase will have the greatest activity at pH 6 2. Sucrase will have the greatest activity at 40 °C (104 °F) 3. Sucrase activity increases with increasing sucrose concentration until a plateau is reached.

Materials and Methods
Effect of pH on Enzyme Activity. 1. Dependent Variable. amount of product (glucose and fructose) produced 2. Independent Variable. pH 3. Controlled Variables. temperature; amount of substrate (sucrose) present; sucrase + sucrose incubation time

Effect of Temperature on Enzyme Activity. 1.
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Explain how pH and temperature affect enzyme activity. Temperature and pH can affect enzyme activity by increase or decreasing the enzymes activity. Optimum enzyme activity occurs at it's optimum pH and temperature levels. 2. Compare optimal temperature for sucrase activity to body temperature. Optimal temperature for sucrase activity is 37.5 degrees Celcius which is the normal body temperature in the small intestine where sucrase is produced. 3. Specifically state where in the intestine sucrase is likely to be most active (pH along GI tract). Sucrase activity is most likely to most active in the duodenum where there is a pH level of 6. 4. Explain how sucrase activity in the intestine is affected by the sucrose content of food. Why is this important? Sucrase activity in the intestine is increase by the sucrose content of food. This is important due to the formation of glucose which is used by the body for energy. 5. Heat treatment was used to denature the sucrase that was added to the control test tube. In the experimental test tube, alkaline DNS was added to denature sucrase to stop the enzymatic reaction. Discuss what temperature was probably used to denature sucrase and what the probable final pH was of each solution after DNS was added. The probable final pH was a level of 9 due to the alkaline nature of DNS and the temperature was 10 degrees Celcius as Sucrase shows no glucose formation at this temperature. 6. Restate your predictions that were