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TITLE: Investigating the reaction of hydrogen peroxide by the help of an enzyme
Hydrogen peroxide is weak acid with a pH of 6.2 but a highly toxic compound with the chemical formula of H2O2. The compound itself could be harmful if touched or swallowed and this is why we have enzyme, catalase (a protein), to break it down into two harmless element and compound. Catalase can be affect by the following factors: concentration of substrate, temperature, pH, salt concentration, and the presence of inhibitors. In the following equation, two molecules of hydrogen peroxide reacts with catalase to produce two water molecules and one molecule of oxygen gas:
2H2O2 → 2H2O +O2
In this lab, we are testing whether our hypothesis is correct:
If catalase has a pH higher than 7, then hydrogen peroxide would not be broken down.
Hydrogen peroxide is used in the following:

Treatments: Tools:
Acne - Toothbrush
Mouthwash -Humidifiers / Steamers
Hair Lightening -Stain Remover
Teeth whitening, Tooth Ache -Laundry
Contact Lenses -Meat Sanitizing -Marinade -Bleachers -Disinfectants

Hydrogen Peroxide 2 Blue litmus Paper Beaker
Catalase Erlenmeyer Flask Bleach
2 Graduated Cylinders Safety Goggles Toothpaste

1. First, place a blue litmus paper into hydrogen peroxide to test whether the compound is acidic or basic
2. Pour hydrogen peroxide into the graduated cylinder till it reaches 25 ml
3. Pour the 25 ml H2O2 into the Erlenmeyer