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Enzymes are made up of proteins
Catalysts: affect the rate of chemical reactions
Enzymes are never used up or changed so they can be reused

Molecule (S) that an enzyme works on

Active site

Pocket or groove where the chemical reaction takes place
Where substrate needs enzyme
Specific 3-D shape

Enzyme substrate complex
Substrate temporarily binds to active site
Held in by hydrogen or ionic bonds


Small molecules that bind with enzymes and are necessary for enzyme function

Inorganic: metal atoms
Organic: coenzymes (most vitamins)

Lock and key hypothesis
Enzymes are specific and will only work on one type of substrate

Induced fit hypothesis
Enzyme changes shape to enhance the ability of the enzyme to catalyze the chemical reaction. After the reaction the enzyme turns back to its original shape.

Enzymes often end in "-ase"
Lipase: works on lipids
Protease: works on proteins
Maltase: works on maltose

Activation Energy
The amount of energy needed to start a chemical reaction
Bonds are fragile and can break
Needs thermal energy from surroundings
Enzymes lower the activation energy needed for a reaction to take place

Enzyme inhibitors
Selectively disrupt the action of enzymes
Competitive inhibitors: compete with the substrate for active site Noncompetitive inhibitors: buying to a part of the enzyme separate from the active site and change information

Dehydration synthesis
EX. Glucose +