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EPFE 201
Midterm options

1. Create a new class
Create a class for high school students to take that blends the concepts of Pink’s A Whole New Mind with any philosophical tradition we have studied. For example, how might a class integrate the concept of design with the perennial concepts in math? How might empathy re-conceptualize an idealist history course?

Write the course description for the class you create. Your course description must include the following:
1) A course title that includes the concept from AWNM
2) A brief introduction for the course and the AWNM concept that drives the curriculum
3) A summary of the content and skills (at least 5) that will be covered and the traditional philosophical frame (see Oregon State website) that has been re-conceptualized
4) A summary of the ways students will be assessed for mastery of this material
5) 12 pt. font, double space, checked for proficient grammar, spelling, punctuation

Integrating diverse sets of skills and knowledge into a practical application is how District 123 illustrates its commitment to symphonic learning. This course synthesizes our S.C.U.B.A. certification course from the PE department and our life sciences curriculum in an attempt to increase global conservation awareness. Progressive and Essentialist teaching philosophies are given a 21st century upgrade through the interconnectivity of multiple life-skills emphasized by our new symphonic-learning model.
Students will first become certified divers by completing all P.A.D.I. classroom requirements during the first month. Concepts such as buoyancy control, the physics of S.C.U.B.A, diver safety, equipment function and maintenance, and aquatic rescue will be covered. Mastery will be assessed by passing the Open Water Certification Dive at Navy Pier (a sunken-wreck dive to follow the exam). The second part of the course covers coral reef ecology. Students will study the formation of coral reefs, reefs as ecosystems, various forms of marine life, and the preservation of reefs as endangered ecosystems. The final assessment will include a trip to Cozumel, Mexico where students will experience authentic performance assessment as they conduct informational seminars on reef ecology to tourists seeking dive certification at the Palancar Dive Center.

Instructor: Scuba Steve
2. A Whole New Mind argument

Format: 2-3 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman. Checked for proficient spelling, grammar, punctuation.

Your local school board is moving to address its budget crisis by cutting arts, design, and several other right-brained themed humanities courses. The argument is underpinned by strong voices in the community that believe more science, math, and technology classes would foster stronger job skills.

If you disagree with this move, use the course texts to support an