Ephraim: A Short Story

Words: 526
Pages: 3

A cold grayest canopy hugged the evening sun tightly as it hung delicately over a stressed laden day. The air was filled with groans of men inflicted with instruments of war, and the cries of pain muffled any joyful sound that could have been mustered by the early spring day of April 12, 1865. Indeed the musical tones of spring were overshadowed by the heroic efforts made by so many willing to give, as they had never gave before. Here, by the thousands, they steadily marched forward amid the flying hatred that torn into the strong spirited lines. Men, young and old, married and single, stood their ground as their feet stepped in unison over their fallen comrades heading to greet the devil himself dressed in blue. With only but a quick …show more content…
"Will anyone help me," he said calling in barely audible voice
" Soldier," came a deep voice," can you stand?"
Turning his throbbing ravaged body, Ephraim saw a shadow blocking the dim sun. A hand loomed in front of his face and slowly reached past his eyes. The grip was amazing strong as the dirty, bloodied fingers grasped his well-worn faded gray coat. "Get up boy," he said pulling with vigor.
Groaning from the bullets lodged in the left leg and right shoulder Ephraim managed to stumble to his feet and hung there with only the stranger's hand for support. "Boy, you are sure torn up and just a young pup at that. I guess I'wil just have throw over me shoulders like the sag of spuds." Ephraim felt his weight be lifted and flung gently over a coal black neck and back. His faced landed with little force upon this glistening misty back. There he laid his heavy head down crying softly for the compassion the man showed him which was not warranted nor earned. The kindness that occurred that day was not through compulsion or ordered with fear, but with a genuine want for another human kind. Ephraim later learned the man was a run-away slave named Jeremiah, who had slipped away from his lifelong place of