Epic: Hades and King Roderick Essay

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Urusha Shrestha 5/24/10
Pd-3A Mrs. Swanger Franktonamore

In the midst of a dark forest, lies the Kingdom of Gumanthros. Here lies King Roderick with his beautiful wife Helen, their two daughters Janice and Fergus and their son Franktonamore. Franktonamore is the heir to the throne after his father is deceased. However, a curse had been laid on the Kingdom of Gumanthros, every third child shall inherit a horrible curse and Franktonamore was the third child. This tragic event had occurred before. Granados was Roderick’s younger brother and was the third child. He had inherited the curse of oversize hands; at times this was useful like when his kite was stuck in a tree. He had forcefully shaken the tree and the kite glided into his hands. However the accursed part was that his hand would grow five inches every year, unfortunately causing his fatal death to fall off a cliff while hiking. King Roderick did not want Franktonamore to inherit any curse, so he went to Franktonamore’s Godmother Iris and pleaded for mercy. Godmother Iris invited King Roderick to her lair of immortality. Her lair is hidden in a trench underground. There is light passing through a portion of the cave, while the other part is lit with the screaming souls from her pool of despair. Rocks and sharp cliffs lie scattered across the floor and a molten lava fountain is the center piece. She said, “This chair is dying for you to sit on so we can have a little chat.” King Roderick replied “And I bet those rocks are so happy to see me eeh?” Iris said, “Well excuse me but I’m not the one pleading for some help here.” King Roderick asked her “What can I do to prevent Franktonamore from receiving that wretched curse?” “There’s a very simple way,” said Iris “but it will cost you heavily.” “I’ll do anything,” said King Roderick. “Alright, but you need to sacrifice your next son to Kreecher, tamer of the souls.” “Is that all?” said King Roderick. “One last thing you should know on Franktonamore’s 21th birthday your soul shall belong to Kreecher, do we have an agreement?” said Iris. “Yes”, said King Roderick. “Now that’s a good boy”, said Iris. “Just sign here on this contract that will be given to Kreecher.” Now the deal was done and as Iris promised Franktonamore was not cursed with a wretched disease. 20 years have passed since the deal had been sealed and now Franktonamore is a handsome young lad. He has short blonde hair and wide hazel eyes. He is very muscular, tall, and very intelligent. He has long face with dimples and a few freckles to accent his face. His mother says that he is as of marrying age and all the girls in the Kingdom are over infatuated over him and have even created a fan club honoring him of his ravish good looks and intelligence. However, he tells his mother “Dear good mother, I am not very fond of these girls for they are too possessive and just preposterous to deal with.” Franktonamore then trudges to his father who is looking rather depressed. He asks “Dear great father what perturbs you on this auspicious day.” “Oh my son I think it’s about time that I tell you something rather important, if you do mind.” “Well of course father, as long as it regards me.” King Roderick then tells his son about the deal he made with the Godmother Iris. “WHAT”, replies Franktonamore “Now you tell me this, well this is quite unbelievable Kreecher cannot just take your soul from you since that is quite impossible.” “My dear boy, there are some things you cannot just understand but I can feel that my time here is coming to an end. The Kingdom and your mother need someone else now who is ready to lead and take care of proper business.” “But father,” said Franktonamore in the most perplexed voice “I am not ready, at least not while the Kingdom still has you and you will continue to reign until the Gods in the sky demand so.” “But son that is the problem I will not be here