A Brief Note On Advanced Health Informatics

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advanced HEALTH INFormatics
Annie Michelle Brown Mallard

As the leading EPIC Manager I am responsible for our hospital IT infrastructure. We cover more than 200 physicians and serve over 120,000 patients. As a team we are planning to have our new improved EMR (Electronic Medical Record) out by the beginning of the fiscal year.
The most important thing I would like to iterate as a manager is the importance of the EMR to our organization. The benefits for this project would prove to increase quality as well as patient care. We have also seen our patient participation increase. The patients feel they are more active in their healthcare management.
Another benefit would of a new and improved EMR is the percentage of accuracy of the physician’s diagnoses. There are many other thing that EMR play a big role in such as care coordination.
As we begin to create changes in our EMR department, let us do our very best to bring the best customer experience to our customer. As your EPIC Manager it is my responsibility to ensure we are current with the overall EMR record systems, interfaces and other applications.
The only way to become effective is to have excellent team building skills which will in return build our foundation as a organization. In the next couple of weeks we will being to focus on the following items.

Project management, technology planning, vendor relationships, customer relationship, budget, how to improve our process and how to recover in the event that there is an emergency.
We will break down into teams and focus on what each team needs to accomplish in their mission. Certain team leader will be expected to facilitate work and assigned duties on teams such as our IT Health systems team.
Our Healthcare system focuses on our accuracy as team leaders, manager and upper management to keep our organization up to date and current.
The most thing that all team will focus on is disaster. What will happen in the event our facility is hit with disaster and what will it take to keep us running during this time? We