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The Epic of Gilgamesh Analysis This document, The Epic of Gilgamesh Describes a Great Flood, is an account told from the perspective of Gilgamesh. He is recalling the events of personally being summoned to build a large boat. The purpose of building such a creation was in which to escape the effects of an exterminating flood which was forecasted to arrive. The author of this work is anonymous. It is believed to be from the time period of approximately 2700 to 250o B.C. However, it is told from the perspective of the character Gilgamesh. There are landmarks in the story, such as the Euphrates and Shurrupak, which were very relatable to that current time. Also, it was clearly written in the era of having numerous gods of different powers and duties. Several other items are listed in the text to point towards an approximate time period such as torches, anointing, cubits, as well as the characters’ names themselves. There are many questions regarding this story that still remain unanswered. The reasoning as to why this piece was even written has been a subject of debate. There have been several similar accounts throughout the years that are almost identical to this work. Whether or not it is true is still undecided. Evidence has been found that proves truth to a great flood happening, but whether this is the true recollection of these events is still a mystery. Whether truth or
fable, the author of this account felt the need to give his or her version of the tale, just like there are many different versions of Cinderella today. The author of this piece of literature was extremely detailed and in depth while describing and painting the picture of his story. There are several instances where exact dimensions are stated as well as completely covering scenery descriptions. The locations of this story are