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Epicurus is an ancient Greek philosopher. He is a very important figure in the field of philosophy. Although he has many different works I chose to just focus on his, “Principal Doctorines”, and, “The Problem of Evil. One example that I was able to make a connection with is the use of motorized vehicles. Each and every year there are tens of thousandths of car accidents that cause injuries, both minor and severe, as well as death. Why would the government, let alone God, allow their people to drive motorized vehicles if these are the effects of it? The answer is simply, the good outweighs the bad. More benefit is gained from the use of motorized vehicles, through the transportation of goods and people. But, the understanding of free will does not necessarily explain certain horrible evils, such as a major earthquake in San Francisco, or a horrible typhoon in the Philippines. This is where Peter van Inwagen responded by stating we are not able to make these standards or norms for what God is suppose too act on. What is meant by Inwagen is this. Let us look back on the example of the natural disasters, take the earthquake in San Francisco. Hypothetically speaking 5,237 people died that day, and we simply blame God because of this. What about if only 1 person died? Is it still horrible, is it still Gods fault for allowing this evil? The answer is no, it is not as bad if just one person died, and it is not Gods fault, it just happened. How is it possible to put