Essay on Epidemiology and Ebola Breeding Ground

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Ebola is a serious threat. It is understated by weak media coverage despite it Ebola’s potential to be an epidemic worse than the aids crisis in the 1980’s. “More than 3,800 people in West Africa have died” from this malignant virus (Wilmington). Consider that death toll in American soil. Ebola is not only deadly but it is not even understood by supposed medical professionals. It is disturbing to think that the public’s lack of knowledge is at par with CDC’s knowledge of Ebola. Ebola virus is still a complete mystery as there is not a vaccine for it. America needs to be alerted that the people entrusted with public health safety are not taking necessary precautions as a “a survey of 1900 nurses by the National Nurses United union found that 76% said their hospital had not communicated any policy for the potential admission of patients infected by Ebola” (Morgan). In such a fundamental time, there is no communication to undermine this virus that has the potentially to wipe out thousands in one sitting. The virus carriers are unconscious that they are with the disease as they insert themselves in crowds as with the case of a “Dallas nurse [who] caught the disease from a patient and flew across the U.S. Midwest aboard an airliner the day before she was diagnose” (Merchant, Schmall). Ignorance is potent enough to make America an Ebola breeding ground. The media is too focuses on telling mundane news stories to focus on an epidemic already on American soil. “The hideous